Love Assuredly- By Alicia C Lacy


Love Assuredly

You are captivating, handsome, brawny, undaunting. You are bold, confident, truthful and beautiful. Thank you, for inviting me into your life. Your presence is that of a champion. You are filled with great retrospect timeless and truthful. You are divinely filled with husbandry. You are highly sought-out to fill a purpose personified.

Love Assuredly

Have I acquired you? With all your goodness, and love. God has gifted me with you.

Love Assuredly

Your willingness of participation makes me feel welcome, and atop the most monumental of mountains that lead into forever. I smile as I greet you. This is surreal. Filling my garden with every piece of goodness. My grain grow’s much higher in abundance, and so we fly high into the abyss, and the jest of knowing, without guessing or wonderment. I am no longer blind. I am convinced and filled with the gratitude of appreciation. I never cease to marvel at the way we love one another with such splendor.

Love Assuredly

Embellished by you as my score. Which chapter shall we partake? Which page shall we turn?

You send my heart a blaze. Your benevolence is a gift of love that God bestowed upon me.

Love Assuredly

Whisper to me your every thought. Covet me with intimacy. We head straight for the moon limitless with progression centrifugal force unbiased filled with rectitude. A love worthy has found me.

Love Assuredly.

By Alicia C Lacy (c)

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