Finding Your Roots on PBS.

 Tonight join us for a special two hour season premiere! Stay tuned after tonight’s premiere episode for an early look at an upcoming #FindingYourRoots episode with David Chang and Raúl E. Esparza whose families fled their homelands. Tune in at 8/7c on PBS! VISIT

I am anticipating the Finding your roots series with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. My grandmother always took me on mini trips. I remember going to the National Archives when I was 10 to look up her family members. She always wanted to know where she came from and her family members. Our journey began and she taught me how to use a microfiche. We sat in the National archives for hours scanning through film records and news paper articles. The journey hasn’t stopped . This is a life long journey and I knew that when I began researching I would stop. This series is one of the best shows that helps people connect with their Roots. As DNA genealogy progresses science can help people with illness and other key components about their families history. I urge you to watch the series on PBS. For anyone starting DNA family ancestry etc. A good start is Ancestry .com and FamilySearch Mormon Family History Site, Latter-day Saint Online Genealogy Records, 23 and Me. There are many genealogy records of genealogical importance to many families. #Asebusinessandnews

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