Ase’ Groove – Let’s Groove

What’s in your Playlist ? Date 01/10/2022Ase’ Groove – Let’s Groove

1 . Frontline Mo’Kalamity, The Wizards 2. Work it out(feat. Cordae Terrace Martin, Cordae3. Yamz Masego, Devin Morrison4. Love Jones Chico DeBarge 5. Being A Girl Van Hunt6. I Want You Avila Brothers 7. Come Around The Foreign Exchange8. Be Here Raphael Saadiq, D’Angelo 9. Stokely Cascade Lovers Quarrel Mix10. Inside My Love Trina Broussard11. I Like it Brand New Heavies 12. Mon Dieu Sonja Marie 13. Finds Peace In The Woods Ladi Glori 14. Forgive Them Father Ms. Lauryn Hill 15. Reminisce Bilal, Mos De, Common 16.Jill Scott Closure 17. Jill Scott Nothing (Interlude)18. Gil Scott-Heron The Blackground19. Indo Smoke Mista Grimm20. Waiting For You Tony! Toni? Tone!21. 2 Pac Definition of a Thug Nigga 22. Justice’s Groove Stanley Clarke 23. Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer Stevie Wonder 24. sobeautiful Musiq Soulchild 25. Start All Over(feat. Ronnie Wright & Ashley Jayy26. Love Still Good Chico DeBarge 27. Nefertiti / Center Of The Universe Chico DeBarge 28. Naomi the Goddess Come Home29. If Loving You Is Wrong Joe 29. I Love The Ground You Walk On – Instrumental Marvin Gaye 31. Mandota – Instrumental Marvin Gaye #Playlist#asegroove#spokenwordandmusic


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